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Desde entonces se han establecido varios principios definidos por la comunidad. Por favor, tómate un tiempo para explorar los temas siguientes antes de comenzar a editar en Wikipedia. Los cinco pilares de Wikipedia.

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Principios fundamentales del proyecto. Manual general de Wikipedia.

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Aprender a editar paso a paso en un instante. Zona de pruebas. Para que realices pruebas de edición.

Programa de tutoría. Solicita ayuda personalizada en tus primeros pasos. Crea tu propio artículo. Paso a paso, con la ayuda de nuestro asistente. Cosas que no se deben hacer. Las políticas de Wikipedia. Preguntas que toda la gente hace. Donde puedes preguntar a otros wikipedistas. Un resumen sobre cómo utilizar el código wiki.

Alojamientos para viajes de trabajo

Canal de ayuda de IRC. Donde puedes preguntar en línea a otros wikipedistas. Here's your quick overview of what has been happening around Wikidata over the last week. On site or remotely, you can join the Wikidata documentation sprint Other Noteworthy Stuff Vote in the board election see also Voter guides and rationales Sitelinks for the new Doteli Wikipedia dtywiki can be added You can now track the number of identifier properties for an item We provide weekly a new type of database dumps: nt truthy dumps Wikipedia article-draft-generator developed by Pharos for Met Museum project Schema.

Newest properties : light sector , Wikidata SPARQL query equivalent , Canadian Coastguard Lighthouse ID , contributed to published work Query examples: All places with coordinates that gave its name to something source Paintings depicting monkeys source Artworks with presumably depicted persons source Newest database reports: list of oldest lighthouses Development Worked more on support for lexicographical data specifically support for lexicographic category and statements on forms Dealt with issues after the deployment of automatic interwiki links for Wiktionary Worked on constraint violation user script based on your feedback improving messages to make it more understandable, layout, etc Add support for the following new language codes for monolingual text properties: brx, chn, cop, gez, quc, kjh, nr will become available in a few days You can see all open tickets related to Wikidata here.

Monthly Tasks Add labels, in your own language s , for the new properties listed above. Comment on property proposals: all open proposals - proposals needing attention Suggested and open tasks! Contribute to a Showcase item. Help translate or proofread the interface and documentation pages, in your own language! Help merge identical items across Wikimedia projects.

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Help write the next summary! The Cycle 2 started on May, WikidataCon: join the program committee and other teams! Monthly Tasks Help adding missing statements to properties Add labels, in your own language s , for the new properties listed above. Try it on a talk or project page! Check out some updates about the WikidataCon We reached Q30,,! Help us improve it and make a showcase item out of it.

An additional 10k article placeholders on Welsh Wikipedia will be made indexable in search engines Did you know? Alex-7 created a web app. Newest properties : Filmweb. Help us find the offices of heads of governments across the world! Sitelinks of Wiktionary will be enabled on June 20th Did you know? Comment on property proposals: all open proposals Suggested and open tasks! Here is the full set: Help us find the offices of heads of governments across the world!

Help us to show who fills the role of head of government on Wikidata Linking back in the other direction Check that the data is consistent Conclusion: So, what is the gender breakdown of heads of government? Discussions New requests for comments: How would you state the number of rooms, restaurants, suites in a hotel?

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Contains a number of blog links, particularly about WikiCite. WikidataCon Registration is now open! Check the information and fill the form to register. Let's build the program by proposing a project until July 31st Due the necessary time for people to get visas about 3 months , we changed the deadline for the scholarship applications. You can apply for a scholarship before July 16th. We will then make sure that the applicants receive a response on July 25th. Other Noteworthy Stuff We have reached ,, edits. More tickets will be released in September. You can still register on the waitlist. The currency amounts are inflation adjusted if data is available. Development Worked more on support for lexicographical data and Wiktionary.

The Role of Civil Society

The focus was on creating a necessary new datatype to link to Lexemes as well as making Glosses and statements on Glosses editable. Getting ready to migrate the constraints definitions from templates on the property talk page to statements on the property. If you need to be funded for the WikidataCon, please fill the form before July 16th Which discussions, workshops, demos should be covered during the WikidataCon? Other Noteworthy Stuff We have some real Meta data!

The StrepHit team has submitted an official uplift proposal for the primary sources tool Migration of constraint definitions to property statements around July 12th Sitelinks for the new Atikamekw Wikipedia atjwiki can be added Citation management tool Zotero can now read data from Wikidata, and can write data from other sources to Wikidata via QuickStatements. See Wikidata:Zotero for details. New step towards structured data for Commons is now available One week after Q we have Q Did you know?

Recipients will be informed around July 25th. You can still suggest ideas for the program, or submit a project until July 31st. English Wikipedia is up at 4. Dutch Wikipedia remains low at 0. Check out some improvements to the Query Service , and a new prototype for the Query Helper New Wikidata maps with a comparison between October and July Help improving Wikidata documentation during the Wikimania hackathon Did you know? We're looking for trainers! Using Wikidata as an open, community-maintained database of biomedical knowledge , by Andrew Su WikidataCon You can submit projects for the program until July 31st.

See the list of ideas , existing submissions , and submit! Special tickets for scholarship recipients will be released on July 25th. The last 50 tickets will be released on September 1st. You can subscribe to receive next updates. Ma Commune Wikipédia is a website developed by Wikimedia France to give information about the state of the Wikipedia articles for every French municipality and encourage people to edit the Wikimedia projects.

It uses Wikidata to identify the communes. Did you know? Please check if this affects your scripts, and have a look at the wikibase. Fire-fighting dispatch backlog: phab:T Constraint statements have been enabled announcement. Distinguish between non-mandatory and mandatory constraints: phab:T Work on supporting unit conversion for more units: phab:T You can see all open tickets related to Wikidata here. Property talk pages now include queries for items with the property and most sitelinks, statements or identifiers. We now have Q Wikidata Constraint Violations tool visualizes changes in constraint violations for last few weeks.

Some of constraints produce millions of violations marked as red. Check out all the things related to Wikidata Upcoming: Wikidata workshop in French , August 14, Montreal Other Noteworthy Stuff w:en:Category:Articles with infoboxes completely from Wikidata has now more than articles Wikidata passed 6 average statements per item Did you know?